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Are you obsessed with Pinterest? Do you spend hours looking at outfit ideas? If you answered YES, you're not alone-I'm right there with you. I love putting outfits together, especially those less common. Like, wearing shorts in the Winter. Yes, that's right, and so can you. It's so much more fun to be UNIQUE, dress your personality, and most important-at a price you can afford! It doesn't matter if your clothes are brand new, thrifted or handed down. Nor does it matter if you spent a fortune or a few dollars. What matters MOST, you feel complete when looking at your own reflection in the mirror. It's ok to have many different styles. Oh how I know, my mood can change daily, as does my style. Represent yourself. Express yourself through fashion. For instance, I love polka dots and plaid. Why not find a piece of each & pair it together. All goes. It's called Pattern Play and it makes getting dressed that much more fun and interesting!



This outfit is so versatile. It could be worn to dinner, a party or the grocery store. Any age could Rock this Look. From the young trendsetter to the stylish Mom. These FAB Red Fringe Boots, give a pop of color and the Faux Fur Vest adds excitement!

Top: Old Navy Chambray Button Down|Vest: Cream Faux Fur Sweater Vest|Boots: Red Suede Fringe  Sbicca Vintage Collection



I adore this outfit with Winter written all over it. A wool Vintage Sweater with front hanging tassel, over a polka dot button up top, paired with a suede mini skirt. To finish off the look, add these tall, heeled, suede with faux fur accent boots. If it's too cold outside, add some leggings or tights to complete the look. The tassel adds the right amount of boho, to an otherwise preppy look.



Boots: Rough Out Boots

Dress: Denim Dress

Handbag: Turquoise Handbag

This Adorable outfit has just the right amount of Country, making it easy for any stylish women to wear. This Denim Dress is paired with a leather belt, rough out cowboy boots and a turquoise bag to add a pop of color. For the busy woman, this is the perfect look. Can be dressed down for day and up for night. For a  night out, just slip off those boots, replace with some heels, add some pearls and a blazer and you're ready to go! Who knew looking this good was so easy?!



Before you put those shorts away, check out his look! I saved my FAVORITE for last. A wool sweater with fringe bottom, plaid shorts, tights and ankle boots. Believe or not, you won't be cold in this outfit, you'll be lookin' "HOT"!!

Sweater: Eddie Bauer 100% Wool|Shorts: Guess Plaid with gold button accents

So Ladies, go to your closet & see what you have. It's always OK to Play Dress Up!

Even if "one" bit of information I provided helped or inspired you in anyway, I consider this post a success! Most pieces shown above can be found at my Online Shop! Please head on over and check it out. Just Remember 1 thing. Make yourself HAPPY first and foremost. If you feel beautiful in what you're wearing, if it makes you happy, then ROCK IT AND OWN IT

XOXO Jamie




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